The 'Builder' tab is where you'll create your app's 'home' page and make edits to your 'categories'

Home Page

Your home is one the first thing people look at and use to decide what they will do on the app, so it's a great space to utilized! Your home page should direct your customers to featured items like new products or sale items.

Pro Tip: When creating your home page use images or videos that will catch your customers eye!

You'll use the widgets on the left side to start building your home page. Simply drag and drop the desired widget from the menu over to the phone preview. From there you can add images or videos. Below is an overview of what each widget does:


"Title" - add title text here

"Marquee" - scrolling slides featuring items you'd like to highlight

"Category Row" - display featured products with a row view, that slides from left to right to show a few products.

"Category Grid" - display featured products with a grid view; can be used to display up to 100 items on the home page.

"Item" - display a single featured item with 'add to cart' button, price, and item title

"Video" - add videos to your home page (currently only supports YouTube videos)

"Spacer" - add space between elements


Categories are pulled directly from your store so for all 3 of our integrations, across the whole platform, we rely on API calls from your e-commerce platform (Shopify. BigC and Shift4). Each platform has API endpoints that retrieve the requested data. This includes support for things like Parent and Child categories.

One thing to note: If you are using any 3rd party tools to manage or populate your categories, it can cause issues (essentials the API endpoint is not where we would expect it to be)

Category Screen Options

Category Screen Options are how the Category screen will be displayed in the app. You have the option to hide or show labels or change the display style from grid to row.

  • Labels: References the category name and are auto-generated.

  • Display Style: Grid is a square 1:1 aspect ratio versus row is which is 21:30

  • Sold Out Items: The sold out option is a store preference. (You can show 'sold out' items that will restock soon or hide all 'sold out' if you prefer that instead)

  • Quick "Add to Cart" Button: this will add a CTA for ‘Add to Cart’ from the category view screen

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