Step 1 - Choose your grid type. You can choose from a Full Page, One Line Slideror for use in Emaill & Blog.

  • Full pages are great for a dedicated page to be used on your website.

  • One Page Sliders fit well in existing pages and take up minimal space

  • Emaill & Blog are special snippets that work only in emaill and blog

2) Customizing Hovers - use the hex color picker to select the colors that match your branding guidelines

Step 3 - Customizing Call to Action

  • For the border, you can choose either a button or underlined text

  • For the text, you can choose to fill in the button or leave it plain

Step 4 - Copy Your Snippet

Copy this code snippet to your clipboard and paste it to your destination.

Congrats! You've implemented your first Shoppable Grid

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