Marquee Images

The key to having a rich looking app is Marquee Images. Marquees can be dragged into the App Builder. Once in your app, you can choose to direct shoppers to Collections, Specific items or even an external URL.

For making your own marquees, Canva is a great free tool that allows you to design images without having Photoshop-level skills.

REMEMBER: Marquee images in the App Builder can only be a square aspect ratio (1:1) and at least 900 pixels wide.

Product Images

Your product images are pulled in straight from your Shopify, Big Commerce, and 3dCart Stores. This means that as you update product images in your store settings, they will update in real time on your app!

Pro Tip: If you see an image that does not look ideal in your app, you can change it by editing the image in your store inventory. Our app and most websites are optimized to display square aspect ratios. Canva is a great tool for editing these images as well .

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