When exploring your app, you may see an error message like the above - don't fret!

Sandbox Commerce pulls in your items and inventory live from your Shopify store. To resolve this error message, ensure that all items displayed in your app are available in the 'Sandbox Commerce' Sales Channel found in your Shopify Dashboard.

1) Log into your Shopify Store

Once logged in, head to the 'all products' tab found on the left hand side.

Select 'All Products' with the select all button found just below the filter products search.

2) Select the 'More Actions' menu

With all products selected, click on the 'more actions' menu and select the first option, 'Make products available.

3) Add Products to the Sales Channel

Ensure the 'Sandbox Commerce - App Builder' sales channel is selected and the checkbox is selected.

After making these products available, your app will be free of that error message.

FYI - It's important to note that anytime you add new products to your store, that you're also making them available in the Sandbox Commerce Sales Channel.

Our App Builder relies on Shopify's Sales Channel to keep the inventory update.

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