Sandbox Commerce is proud to announce the release of Curbside Pickup functionality for all Sandbox Powered Apps. 

We made setting it up a breeze and it can easily be done in just 4 steps. We'll be going through and editing Locations, Shipping, Inventory and lastly activating in Sandbox Integrations

Step 1 - Locations

From the settings menu of your Shopify admin account, we're going to start with modifying your locations. 

Pro Tip - If your store regularly uses locations and has it setup, feel free to skip this step. 

From the locations settings, ensure that all of your stores that are participating in curbside checkout are listed. If you're missing a location, select the 'Add Location' button.

Adding these locations will ensure your customers are able to pick up from these locations at checkout. 

Step 2 - Shipping

From the same settings menu, we're going to modify your shipping options

Once in the Shipping menu, select manage rates

Lastly, you'll need to 'create shipping zone' and create a shipping zone titled 'Curbside Pickup'.

We recommend putting the price as 'free' but feel free to modify it with what's best for your store. 

Step 3 - Inventory

We need to ensure that our inventory is accurate for each store location. Proceed to the products page and modify the inventory of each item to reflect what is available at each store. 

Pro tip - if your store regularly tracks inventory across multiple stores, feel free to skip this step.

Start with 'Edit Variants' button on any product(s) 

Choose to 'edit quantity' and ensure the inventory accurately reflects the stores on-hand amount. 

Please take time to ensure all of your inventory is properly sorted and available at each location. 

Step 4 - Sandbox Integrations

Start by logging into your Sandbox App Builder account and heading to the 'integrations' tab. 

Once in the integrations menu, select 'curbside pickup'

Select each store you want to be available for curbside pickup. Be sure to not select any warehouse or fulfillment locations and that every store you've selected has a green checkmark next to it. 

From this menu, you can also change the phone number associated with each store. Remember that this number will receive an automated text every time a customer is with 1/4 mile of your store. 

Sandbox Commerce is excited to have our customers start selling with the best curbside pickup checkout experience. If you have any questions on the process, feel free to reach out to the chat bubble in the bottom right corner. 

Happy and safe selling!

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