How to Enroll in the Google Play Developer Program

To host an app in the Google Play Store, you will need to create a Google Play developer account. Please note there is a one-time $25 enrollment fee and you will need to sign up with a Gmail account and set up 2-Step Verification.

  • If you do not have a Gmail account, you can create a free one here

  • To set up Google's 2-Step Verification, please refer to this guide

Once you have completed the steps above, you can follow the instructions below on how to complete your enrollment.

  1. Navigate to,

  2. Confirm you are logged into the correct Gmail account you would like to have your Google Play account associated with, please look at the top left corner under 'Google Play Console'.

  3. Choose to enroll as an ‘Organization or Business’

  4. Fill in your organization's information, please note your ‘Developer Name’ will show in your app-listing under your app title.

  5. Agree to the 'Terms of Service'

  6. Select ‘Create an account and pay’ to add your payment information

  7. Once your account is created you can navigate to the Google Play Console and select ‘Users and Permissions’ on the left-hand side

  8. Click ‘Invite new users’ and add _________ with ‘Admin’ privileges

  9. Tap ‘Invite User’ to complete the invitation process

Important Note: If Google Play is unable to verify your ID with the initial business information entered, you will need to submit additional information to complete the verification process. You will see a banner upon accessing Google Play Console with a link to complete the necessary steps

**The review and approval process on Google Play store varies, but within 48 hours is typical.

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