Up to this point:

  • We've connected your e-commerce store and begun your 7 day trial.

  • 2 business days later we've built the first version of your app for your review.

  • You see the app in action, and you love it.

  • "Yes, I want to move forward."

  • After the 7 day trial period ends, your subscription begins. Unless you decide to cancel during the trial period, no further action is required at this point

  • You now have the opportunity to modify your app in the app builder. We work to make the demo of your app a natural extension of your e-commerce store, but you're always free to make changes. It's your app!

  • When everything is how you want it, you tell us, "I'm ready to launch my app."

  • We do a thorough internal review of app within 2 business days.

  • Android allows us to submit your app for review on your behalf. There's nothing further you'll need to do.

  • The review and approval process on Google Play store varies, but within 48 hours is typical. 

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