Now that you’ve launched an app to iOS and Android marketplaces, it’s time to get people to start downloading it. It is assumed you already have a compiled list of email subscribers - either from opt-ins or previous purchasers - that you use for newsletters. This guide will walk you through some tried and test methods to convert those users into app downloads. 

Step 1: Locating your app URLs - Depending if you’ve launched to one app store, or both iOS and Android marketplaces - you will need to copy and locate them

Step 2: Adding Graphics - we’re all familiar with Apple’s and Google’s icons for ‘Download on the App Store’. You can download the iOS and Google Play icons here. 

Step 3: Use your existing email list -Navigate to your existing email marketing tool, such as Mailchimp or Klaviyo, and begin to edit the next template in your queue. Add the newly download icons (found above) and then paste the URLs associated with your app.

All of us have worked hard to come up with a great and reliable mailing list. It would be silly to not use this to encourage app downloads. Just adding a simple call to action in each email you send will drastically improve downloads.

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