After talking with brands, retailers and e-commerce directors from every industry imaginable, we quickly understood that there's a lot of responsibility and information to digest when launching a mobile application. 

It soon became obvious that we can't expect every new customer to be an expert in this brave new mobile world. Keeping our ear to the ground and listening to feedback from customers, the roles and responsibilities of our customer success team really wrote themselves - we just listened. 

  1. Designing the first version of the app: We spent a lot of time designing our App Builder to be intuitive and easy to use. The one thing we did not account for is how intimidating a blank canvas can be... Just because a user can instantly import their entire Shopify store instantly, finding the spark of creativity can be tricky. Let our customer success team design the first version of your app. We know how to use the App Builder better than anyone and we'll do our best to match your branding guidelines. When we're ready to show it off, we love feedback and are eager to make any changes you're willing to suggest.

  2. Encouraging app downloads: Once your app looks sharp and is in the app stores, it's time to encourage your existing customers to download your new app! We have a few guides in place for leveraging existing email lists, and soliciting app reviews that you can find our resource center. We're always ready to schedule a call and work with you to find the best fit for your store.

  3. Leveraging mobile technology: Sometimes it's hard for us to remember that mobile apps are brand new for a lot of our customers - so slow us down if we're breezing over some important details too quickly. For instance, push notification campaigns are pretty similar to an email campaign that showcases a new product or promotion. We're always happy to schedule a time to talk about the best way to maximize push notification campaigns; from location based to promoting a new seasonal collection.

Most importantly, we're still listening. The roles and responsibilities of our customer success team will never be clearly defined. Tell us what's most important to you and we're ready to take on the challenge. There's an endless amount of ways to grow your business and customer engagement from mobile apps - let's discover as many as we can together. 

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