Here's the Tab we'll be working from:

Your 'Branding' section is where you’ll spend most of your time making app design changes, from your logo to your app icon. In this tab, you can add or change your store name, upload images for your app, and edit theme elements.

Branding Elements

If you look on the left side of your screen under branding you’ll see

“Store Name.” The first thing we recommend is to enter your store name in the field below. From there you’ll upload your branded images for the Nav Bar Logo, Splash Page Background, Google Play Banner, and App Icon. One thing to remember is that your Nav Bar logo needs to be transparent!

If you are unsure of what size each image needs to be, you can hover over each “upload image” button to see the dimensions or read below:

Nav Bar Logo

Nav Bar Logo Dimensions:

Images must be 2mb or less in size and a .png or .jpg

Recommended size: 300 x 100 px; a 3:1 aspect ratio

*Needs to be transparent

Splash Page Background

Splash Page Background Dimensions:

Images must be 3mb or less in size and a .png or .jpg

Recommended size: 900 x 1600 px; a 9:16 aspect ratio

*The Splash Page is the first thing users see when they open your app.

Google Play Banner

Google Play Banner Dimensions:

Images must be 2mb or less in size and a .png or .jpg

Recommended size: 1024 x 500 px; a 256:125 aspect ratio

*This image will be displayed in the Google Play store with your app's listing.

App Icon

App Icon Dimensions:

Images must be 2mb or less in size and a .png or .jpg

Recommended size: 1024 x 1024 px; a 1:1 aspect ratio

*This will be the icon for your app on devices

App Store Listing

If you are looking to make updates or changes to your app store listing you can from the 'branding' tab within the 'branding elements'.

App Store Title:

App Store Title Tagline:

Category (Primary):

Category (Secondary):


App Store Description:

Marketing URL:

Support URL:

Privacy Policy URL:

Theme Settings

Privacy Policy URLThe theme templates, colors, and typography are located on the right side of your portal within the Branding tab. We’ve made it simple to make changes to your app’s theme settings – you can pick a theme from our template selection or get more hands on by selecting your own colors and typography.

Pro Tip: When choosing your colors and typography we recommend using high-contrast. High contrast makes text easier to read on your device. This feature fixes the text color as either black or white, depending on the original text color.

Splash Page

Let’s talk about your splash screen, it’s what users see when the app is loading and is usually visible for less than 2 seconds. It’s a great way to give your customer a lasting impression so we suggest using an image that will catch their eye as well as reflect your shop.

Splash Screen Settings:

You also have the option to decide what page will follow the splash screen; pick from “Home”, “Login”, or “Categories.”


Onboarding screen is after the app is loaded. You can upload an image for this screen on the left hand side and on the right side customize your categories or hide your onboarding page.

Customize Categories:

From here you can select to direct customers to 2 different categories or have the option to hide or show the onboarding page.


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