There are many things you should include in your newsletter to make it stand out from the crowd – here are 5 of the most important:

A good title

This is one of the first things your readers will see and is likely to be in the subject line of your e-mail so make it fun and intriguing! Just naming your newsletter ‘Newsletter’ isn’t going to interest anyone or persuade people to read on or even open it – be inventive.

An eye-catching picture

Visuals are always the first thing people see before they start to read your newsletter, a good image(s) and good graphics will always catch someone's eye and should convey what your newsletter is about. Remember always make sure your images are relevant to what you're talking about.

Relevant and interesting information

Your newsletter should be mostly educational and not entirely focused on promoting your business. The main objective is to help your customers resolve a specific issue related to your industry, and continue to engage them so that when the time comes, they will turn to your business’s products or services to help them resolve their issue. Your newsletter can be personal, light-hearted and should always bring it back to what you do. After all, people signed up to your newsletter because they're interested in hearing about what your company is up to!

A call-to-action (CTA)

As well as sharing interesting information your newsletter is also the perfect platform to encourage people to do something, be it signing up for an event with a discount or simply directing them to view the latest work on your website. Always encourage and direct people to get involved with what you do.

What are social media profiles for? Networking and communicating of course! If you’re involved with social media, make sure you let people know. Always include links to your social media profiles in your newsletter. You’ll be surprised at the amount of people who will regularly click on these and follow what you’re up to.



Now that we've established a foundation of what a good newsletter contains, let's cover some specific ways you can promote your app in your newsletter.


Link to your app 

Anyone who uses apps on their smartphone, knows these symbols. They're incredibly recognizable, and are a great way to let people know you have an app. Include them in every newsletter and e-mail. 

Google Play Badge

App Store Badge

Screenshot your app

Provide a sneak preview for your customers of what your app looks like. 



This is the primary reason people download retail apps. Aside from convenience and ease of use, promotions and discounts are the biggest motivators for someone to add a new app to their mobile device.

Customers who download a retail app are likely to be among that brand's most loyal customers.

Referral programs can yield huge windfalls of additional app downloads. Empower your customers to market your app for you. 


These are simple, yet effective ways to draw attention to your app and get more downloads.

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