Let's start with the Home View under the Builder tab


The search bar sits at the top of the app. All elements are 'drag and drop' 

By hovering over the search bar, and clicking the pencil icon, you can then edit font and color. Click 'Update' to apply your changes.


The first thing you customers will see is your marquee. Use this space to feature great looking graphics, new collections, promotions, and items from your store. You’re also able to add multiple images to create a carousel slideshow.


When using multiple images, you can choose how much time elapses (1-15 seconds) until the image changes. 

You'll then need to link your image 

After updating and returning to the editing screen (pencil icon), you can select your next image if using multiple images.  

From the 'Edit Design' tab, you can change font, color, and button label

NOTE: If you change fonts, you will have to resubmit your app for these changes to take effect



This element allows you to feature multiple items that users can swipe through to view.

You can also edit the display type to a 'Grid View' or 'Rounded Icons' 


This element is for selecting an individual image you want to feature.

You can search for a specific item name, or just click 'Search' with a blank field to display all.


*** TIPS & TRICKS ***

If there's a specific color you want to select to match existing branding, or from an image you like, there's an easy way to get the exact match. Color Select From Image

Once you've selected the color, enter the Hex Code (#XXXX) in the editing tool. Easy!


VIDEO (*Currently only Vimeo links are supported)

The video should reference the item for shoppers, as the item image will not appear. Selecting the desired item links it to the 'Add to Cart' button. 




Here, you can select how your collections will be displayed.  Clicking the pencil allows you to edit which items appear in each collection.



Note that multiple items were selected for 'Collection 1'. Those items are now added, leaving Collections 2-4 remaining to edit. Clicking the '+' allows you to add more items.


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