There is a lot of info on the screen, so it can certainly look overwhelming. 

For customers to place orders through your Sandbox Commerce app, we need to have access to inventory to provide real-time information on product availability. When an order is submitted, the quantity of your inventory will be updated. 

The items and collections seen in the app are imported directly from your store. An app is meant to be part of a seamless omni-channel shopping experience, so it's important that the look and feel is the same in the app, as on your e-commerce site.




View and modify carts 

Allows shoppers to add items to cart and checkout in your app

View and modify checkouts

Enables us to create checkout objects so that price total calculations can be made

View and modify content on checkout pages

In the event we need to link to an external checkout page, we need to be able to create one

View themes

Enables us to match branding guidelines based on your chosen them

View site content / View basic store configuration settings /

View general store information and settings

Enables pulling in additional store info

View and modify orders

Enables us to complete checkouts and make orders ready for fulfillment

View and modify products

Enables us to display, search for, and update quantities of products

View and create order transactions

Allows customers to place orders in the app

View your basic information (name, e-mail)

Enables us to know who has registered for the subscription.



View Shopify account data

View customers/ View store analytics

Enables data gathering for customer analytics

View products

Enables display of an accurate inventory

View orders

Enables us to view order details

Manage your Online Store

Enables us to create the customer's order

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